Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Little Infertile's Birth Story

I want to say that God blessed me with years of infertility only to be grateful and apperciative of my gift, our daughter, I thank him everyday for her.

I had my 40 week doctor's appointment on 9/14 (my due date), I totally intended to beg for an induction, as my husband only will be home for the next two weeks and I really didn't wanna go over and risk the chance of my husband not getting the proper amount of bonding time with the baby. Before our appointment, I did alot of housecleaning, washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom. I fully expected that I would get an induction date only, prolly for 9/16. Right before the appointment DH and I stopped for chinese food and off to the doctor's appointment we went. I was surprised to find out that I gained 5 lbs, in a week, which is pretty odd as I was full term. Next the nurse did my blood pressure which was 130/90, I only had a small trace of protein and no glucose but when the doctor came in and did my blood pressure it was 140/90. He said that this is the game plan changer, and I said I'm all for pitocin! and he said yeah, I'm sending you to L&D and that he was going to let the on call doctor know. So me and DH happily made our way to L&D, DH was in a total daze (nervous huh!!) We got to L&D which thank god was only 3 minutes from the doctors office, They took blood and put me on my left side for Blood Pressure. I was so excited that I was going to finally have my little girl, but here's the thing, MY BLOOD PRESSURE WAS FINE and went down, my blood work was fine and I totally thought they were going to send me home. I started crying a little and was so upset. But then the nurse came in and said, hey do you feel all those contractions, I said what? She said when was the last time you were checked, I said in the office I was 3cm/100% she said that's all I need to know and that she's going to check me and if I'm still there I'm going to have a baby in the morning!! I was so happy!! She checked me and I was 3cm 70% and I was admitted. I was having a baby!!! I went to the birthing room where I was given a low dose of oxytocin (I was already in active labor and a low dose had me contracting every 2 minutes) the doctor came in at 5:25 (about 10 minutes after I got admitted)checked me and I was at 4cm and 70% (1cm in 10 minutes cool), He broke my water and omg, the pain started, he took away the happily begged for an epidural and got it, I was able to sleep on and off through the night (which I totally suggest preggo moms cause you need that energy) I was dialiting kinda slow, at 11:00 p.m. I was 6cm, I graduately effaced and the doctors realized that this was going to be one big baby when I stalled for 2.5 hours at 9cm. Finally at 5:45 a.m. I was 10cm/100% but a station -2!! WTF!! they called my doctor to come and finally at 6:30 a.m. I was 10cm/100% and a station +2 (phhheehh) I thought I had it made, until, I realized the PAIN of pushing, OMG there's no epidural in the world to stop that pain, for 1 hour and 45 minutes I was in pushing HELL. finally her little head popped out and let me tell you, that's some COOL shyt, seeing her head come out my body, well that just created this instant little bond!!! I was so focused and pushed her out. The doctor and nurse said OMG.... she is HUGE.... they put her on my stomach and all I could say was omg I love you sot much, thank you for being my daughter!! they weighted her and she was 9lbs 1oz and 21.25 inches, yeah, thanks alot for that fetal growth estimator that said she was only 8lbs 3lbs (at the most). She is awesome, she's a good latcher, a bit painful but good latcher...but I'm not producing enough o maintain her weight so she's on the bottle (which is fine) Once my milk comes in I'm going to start pumping and bottle feeding her (I realize that just like this baby making think, baby raising is a give and take thing, it will not be perfect)
So that's my birth story and here's my daughter!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hey, There's A Baby In This Room

BabyBell was born yesterday morning!!After 16 hours of labor and 1.5 hours of pushing, let me just tell you how much I love epidurals....Why you may ask?

Oh because my daughter who was not overdue, weighted nine pounds and one

Birth story to follow!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

To The Little One That Hasn't Exited

Hello my beautiful little girl,

today is the last day of cooking in medical terms, tomorrow is your due date. It's been a ride hasn't it? (insert my tears while writing this) I remember on January 4th, when I saw a spot of red on my toilet paper, it would of marked a year of TTC and many many months of not preventing, I cried inside and I begged God that my period would not start, and guess what? It didn't, nope, it didn't come that Monday or that Tuesday. By Weds I thought the world was playing an evil joke on me. So I went to lunch with my work buddy and stopped at Drug Fair for a pregnancy test. Now baby, I've seen SO MANY negatives, that I was in no rush to POAS, I actually went and did reception. Around 3:30 I got the nerve, I went in the first stall and peed, I watched the stick, IMMEDIATELY there was a line...omg...omg...omg... I said, the test line showed up before the control. I walked in a daze to my office, and wrote your daddy an e-mail, OH GOD!!! we were OVERJOYED I sent him the picture of the pregnancy test! I called Grandma who cried on the phone, and Grandpa and Uncle E, the men they are were cautiously happy. I made an appointment to see the ob/gyn, and on 1/21 (my grandmother's birthday R.I.P) we went to the doctor, and we saw you, we saw our baby, Daddy was so happy that he started calling everyone immediately!! I called Mom and said it's a healthy little baby!! Shortly after you made your presence known, Puking and sleeping and a CRAZY aversion to any poultry (argh)... I was all for the ultrasounds and tests.

No offense little babygirl, but we thought you were a boy. Then, on April 21st, we found out we were having a sweet little girl!!! You made it REALLY clear that you had a vay-jay-jay. As the ultrasound tech moved the wand, you pushed up your privates so they could be in every photo. Oh you silly little girl!!! Daddy and Mommy ran out that weekend and got lilac paint and painted your room, we even put up Tinkerbell boarder.

Pregnancy, thought it was tiring, though I lost ten pounds and gained it plus 30 back. It was worth it, you were the miracle that no one knew was possible.

We have been waiting for you, for two weeks now, and honestly we're getting a little bored with being in the house. Now don't get it confused, mommy and daddy love either other very much, however the bassinet in our bedroom is empty, we need you, we wanna hold you. Grandma and Grandpa keep looking at us longingly, where is their first grandchild!!!

And while I enjoy you moving in my tummy, the selfish act that I get to have with just you and I, I am ready to share you with the world.

So please little momma, don't forget to come out, we promise to make your world filled with love and sunshine. Why? because we loved you before you were even created =)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I have a "friend" (please note quotes, as I honestly don't have friends IRL, because I am way too judgemental -insert sarcastic look). Who tends to think of themself ALOT. they wanted to visit, okay, not visit, they wanted to stay a week with me and we agree on late October, as my husband and I did not want guests until we got a baby routine down. I told her that coming anytime sooner would be a waste as I am not totally mobile everyday...She informs me last week that she will be coming this week and if she can stay with us. Umm no... this is not a good time, we are back and forth at doctors and trying to enjoy the LAST LITTLE BIT OF OUR TWOSOME. (selfish? dayum right). Plus I have been havin wicked pains and I enjoy sleeping until 9..10....and 11am. I'm sorry, but at 39 weeks, I really don't want to play host to any guests, I just want to go to my doctor's appointments, take walks with my husband, spend time with my mom, watch television and read books, I mean, that's ALL i can gurantee anyone anyway, I mean I'm due ANY minute...We are on a budget, and we can't afford to take you other to all the hotspots you (ummm...that you DEMAND). Sorry, I'm REALLY big and I can't go clubbing with you (not that I even want to) or do all the shopping you aspire.

People, please be considerate of others situations....

Hey Babybell!

9.15: Born at 9lbs, 1oz, 21.25 inches (90% all the way around)
9.21: 9lbs 1oz, 21 inches (hey did you get
10.14: 10lbs 3oz, 21.25
11.18: 11lbs 3oz, 21.5 inches hey shorty (50%, 60% and 75%)
1.18: 13lbs 4oz, 24.5 inches hey you're tall! (50%, 75%, 75%)

Pregnancy Timeline

1.7 : Positive Pregnancy Test (2 days late for period, approx. 16/17 DPO)
1.14: Beta reveals 12,943 HCG count (at approximately 23 DPO)
1.21: Perfect Measurements, Sweet Heartbeat One Baby Lives Here (59,594.2 HCG, 13.4 progesterone)
2.6: 8w4d perfect measurements again.... 180BPM.... sweet!! got a shytload of blood taken....
2.20: 10w4d, Colposcopy and Biopsy....saw baby through tummy scan. Mommy's big baby and a H/B of 173!!
2.27: Colopscopy is PERFECT!! my cervix is a go!! 199 days to go!
3.4: Baby beating so hard!! 12w2d end of first trimester O/B appointment!!
3.30: 16 weeks appointment, hearbeat of 157!
4.21: hb 151....everything is okay with the little LADY!!
4.27: BabyBell is measuring a whole week ahead, yep, our little lady is a big girl... heartbeat 151-158 =)
5.26: Glucose Testing & 24W1d appointment heartbeat of 153 and totally movin around for the doctor =) I <3 Babybell
6.23: 28w1d appointment, Babybell heartbeat in the 150-160 range, measurements at 29....
7.7: 30w1d appointment, Jayd'z sucha active little girl!! great measurements, great heartbeat, was told to start the initial process of finding a baby doctor and asked about childbirth classes
7.23: 32w3d appointment, heartrate in the 160's, measuring at 32 weeks (on target) but feel defeated because I'm so
8.6: 34w3d appointment, measuring at 35 weeks heartbeat is regulated in the 130's, StrepB testing and cervix check (nothing going on down here yet)!
8.17: 36w appointment, heartbeat in the 140's,StrepB negative, bloodwork completed this day(1cm dialated, 50% effaced)
8.24: growth scan and 37w appointment, 6pounds 14 ounces =), (1cm dialated, 70& effaced), high blood pressure, 120/90 apparently Jayda likes living in and was playin all during the exam h/b 154
8.31: HB perfecto! 1cm/80% (argh) passed on bloodwork and Strep Test
9.8: 2.5 cm/80%... HB is ughhh ok? 120/82..(uh-oh) ummm doctor mentions that next appointment, we'll talk induction, I see a C-section in the future....
9.14: DUE DATE!! 190 lbs, Oh my!!! Blood pressure is 140/90 sent to hospital and was inducted I was having contractions!! (who knew)
9.15: Hey I'm a Mom =)

Pregnancy Gains!!

Prepregnancy Weight: 154
Doctor's Approvided Gain: 25-35lbs (179-189 lbs)

6w2d: 154 lbs
8w2d: 149 lbs
10w2d: 144 lbs
12w: 144 lbs
16w: 144 lbs
17w4d: 143.2 lbs (before any meals)
20w: 149 lbs
24w: 159 lbs (No more junk food for
26w6d: 165 (uh-oh..... okay seriously this time no more junk
28w1d: 165 (SUCCESS IS MINE!! lol)
30w1d: 171 (Blame it on the rice and
32w3d: 175 (but I look like I gained 30
34w3d: 179 (much less then I expected, that's for
37w: 185 (hmmm....????)
38w: 184 (down!)
39w: 185 (up!)
40w: 190 (wtf)

Morning Sickness
6w3d - 7w6d: Moderate
8w - 14w5d: Severe
14w6d - 17w: Moderate
17w1d - present: Mild