Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Can't I Just Be Sick?

I had a headache yesterday, a fucked up one. It started Sunday evening and lasted until 1:00 a.m. this morning (I feel fab now)....I came to work for two hours yesterday and asked my boss if I could leave, apparently, the grapevine started...one of my close coworkers knows I'm expecting... she told me that a few people asked her if I was.... (nosey people)

Dude, can't I just be sick one day? Headaches are common for me, very common... and pregnancy makes it worst.... oh yeah, I'm pregnant ....lol....almost 4 months and my body is okay, I'll admit OUTSTANDING, I fit ALL my pre-pregnancy clothes, shyt even better then I did pre-pregnancy...

Anyhow, I totally got an award a while back see it posted, thanks Melissa!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

One Click...

I am starting the process of evolution.... in just one click. September is going to be life changing, so will June..... the career change is going to be different...and next January will be the start of a dream, a dream to help others. I am excitied about what the future holds for me.

I just started the process .... one click .... registration completed.....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Little OverAchiever...

I want it all, I was raised to be the best.

I am the classic example of an overachiever, I am pursing my PHR, joining my local SHRM chapter, taking winter classes for psychology and applying to graduate school in the fall of 2010 for Educational Psychology. I intend to use my PHR to apply for a generalist position in Late October/ November and start on December 1st of this year. The economy does not scare me, I am an OVERACHIEVER.... I do what I gotta do.
I really want to be home with babybell until he's (yea, I have a weird way of referring to this baby as a he, during ttc sex I said Oh a little boy, and since that's the month I got pregnant, the thought stuck with me) eh.... we won't know until 4/21, I'm pretty team Green, I'm just EXCITED someone lives in here. Anyway, to stay on topic I wanted to stay home with babybell until they were 12 weeks, so babybell, come on your due date! but no earlier then a week before! and not later!.....

I intend to be a kick ass career mommy.... which is why we choose to have a bambino or bambina early. While our careers are still fresh and less demanding....

So that's all from the little overachiever....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

13 Weeks 1 Day

The first thing I touch in the morning is you while you float in my tummy....

I touch you during breakfast....

During lunch....

During dinner.....

DH touches you before we go to sleep....

You are such a wanted baby, you are so lucky.

Everything we do is so that you can have a better future, now as we enter the second trimester, we have picked your potential names.... even before we've know your sex.... you are our precious baby, our gift from God. You are what miracles are made of, you are the 4% of hope we've dreamed of.....

Every tear we cried so far, worth it. 8 weeks of morning sickness, worth it. This is the beginning of bliss....

Can't wait to change your pamper in September!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

If She Only Knew....

If she only knew that I am an infertility advocate...

The lady at work has had two miscarriages, this is her third. She is crying, I offered to speak to her, however she declined.

Lord knows I can help her.... Lord knows I could. But I can not pressure her to open up to me, I just can't.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

One Is Enough...

It annoys me, alot... when people ask me how many children I want. As if I am allowed to determine how many children I can have. Did they forget about the whole God factor? It took us, what 3 years for one? Let's get real.

I am realistic and I am greateful for this MIRACLE and yes it pisses me off which you say having one child is selfish. Okay ... WTF? Strangers and those who do not know the TTC struggle, do not, I repeat do not, tell me what is selfish, what is fair and how miserable my only child will be.

So just to see my ability to deal with multiple children for more then 2 hours, DH and I had our nieces and nephews over, yes 3 kids. Can I just say one thing.... OMFG.

As I sit in my soon to be baby's room, I breathe ez, I smile. One is enough... One is more then enough....

Hey Babybell!

9.15: Born at 9lbs, 1oz, 21.25 inches (90% all the way around)
9.21: 9lbs 1oz, 21 inches (hey did you get smaller..lol..)
10.14: 10lbs 3oz, 21.25
11.18: 11lbs 3oz, 21.5 inches hey shorty (50%, 60% and 75%)
1.18: 13lbs 4oz, 24.5 inches hey you're tall! (50%, 75%, 75%)

Pregnancy Timeline

1.7 : Positive Pregnancy Test (2 days late for period, approx. 16/17 DPO)
1.14: Beta reveals 12,943 HCG count (at approximately 23 DPO)
1.21: Perfect Measurements, Sweet Heartbeat One Baby Lives Here (59,594.2 HCG, 13.4 progesterone)
2.6: 8w4d perfect measurements again.... 180BPM.... sweet!! got a shytload of blood taken....
2.20: 10w4d, Colposcopy and Biopsy....saw baby through tummy scan. Mommy's big baby and a H/B of 173!!
2.27: Colopscopy is PERFECT!! my cervix is a go!! 199 days to go!
3.4: Baby beating so hard!! 12w2d end of first trimester O/B appointment!!
3.30: 16 weeks appointment, hearbeat of 157!
4.21: hb 151....everything is okay with the little LADY!!
4.27: BabyBell is measuring a whole week ahead, yep, our little lady is a big girl... heartbeat 151-158 =)
5.26: Glucose Testing & 24W1d appointment heartbeat of 153 and totally movin around for the doctor =) I <3 Babybell
6.23: 28w1d appointment, Babybell heartbeat in the 150-160 range, measurements at 29....
7.7: 30w1d appointment, Jayd'z sucha active little girl!! great measurements, great heartbeat, was told to start the initial process of finding a baby doctor and asked about childbirth classes
7.23: 32w3d appointment, heartrate in the 160's, measuring at 32 weeks (on target) but feel defeated because I'm so huge...lol
8.6: 34w3d appointment, measuring at 35 weeks heartbeat is regulated in the 130's, StrepB testing and cervix check (nothing going on down here yet)!
8.17: 36w appointment, heartbeat in the 140's,StrepB negative, bloodwork completed this day(1cm dialated, 50% effaced)
8.24: growth scan and 37w appointment, 6pounds 14 ounces =), (1cm dialated, 70& effaced), high blood pressure, 120/90 apparently Jayda likes living in mommy...lol and was playin all during the exam h/b 154
8.31: HB perfecto! 1cm/80% (argh) passed on bloodwork and Strep Test
9.8: 2.5 cm/80%... HB is ughhh ok? 120/82..(uh-oh) ummm doctor mentions that next appointment, we'll talk induction, I see a C-section in the future....
9.14: DUE DATE!! 190 lbs, Oh my!!! Blood pressure is 140/90 sent to hospital and was inducted I was having contractions!! (who knew)
9.15: Hey I'm a Mom =)

Pregnancy Gains!!

Prepregnancy Weight: 154
Doctor's Approvided Gain: 25-35lbs (179-189 lbs)

6w2d: 154 lbs
8w2d: 149 lbs
10w2d: 144 lbs
12w: 144 lbs
16w: 144 lbs
17w4d: 143.2 lbs (before any meals)
20w: 149 lbs
24w: 159 lbs (No more junk food for us...lol)
26w6d: 165 (uh-oh..... okay seriously this time no more junk food..lol)
28w1d: 165 (SUCCESS IS MINE!! lol)
30w1d: 171 (Blame it on the rice and beans..lol)
32w3d: 175 (but I look like I gained 30 lbs...lol)
34w3d: 179 (much less then I expected, that's for sure..lol)
36w: 180 (CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES...lol)
37w: 185 (hmmm....????)
38w: 184 (down!)
39w: 185 (up!)
40w: 190 (wtf)

Morning Sickness
6w3d - 7w6d: Moderate
8w - 14w5d: Severe
14w6d - 17w: Moderate
17w1d - present: Mild