Monday, August 31, 2009

Ohhhh.... Boyyy!!

Okay, I passed the praxis, I don't mean I passed by a little bit, I passed by ALOT... I did EXCELLENT.... OMFG.....I didn't study, I didn't even attempt to know the answers, and let me tell you, I did EXCELLENT......

I told myself totally thinkin I was going to fail, that if I pass this, I would go into teaching.... So here I am, 2 days before my masters education starts and I just found out I passed the praxis...

Just when I think that I got my career idea all STRAIGHTEN out, this happens...



Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm Still Pregnant, Don't Worry

Sorry for being M.I.A., however I had nothing much to write. I was so pissed off at my abusive doctor's appointment, ughz, can you believe that a female doctor is ROUGHER then a male doctor, my poor poor lady parts...haha. Anyhow, I was 1cm dilated and 70% effaced on Monday, I was carrying a 6lb 14 oz baby at 37 weeks, imagine her size at 40 weeks if she continues the average of an oz a day, that's like a Wednesday morning my lovely mucus plug came out, oh yea, the whole thing (enter in sheer happiness and panic) I sat all day waiting for contractions, to which I got nadda. Oh boy!! So as I walk around here, for the start of week 3, open and thinned. I must say, I am totally ready for this munchkin to

Friday, August 14, 2009

Coat of Honor =)

I got my "coat of honor" today......

an assortment of stretch marks =)


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hey... Got Something I Wanna Share =)

Of Course!! I know you wanna see belly pictures, how could I make you wait over 35 weeks!!!

We'll go in reverse to how I got so big... So without further ado...

August (to date)



Hey.... I got something else for you....

Introducting our 28 week 6 day ultrasound =)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's That...

Laying across the couch this morning, I decided to give out a little stretch....

Well so did Jayda, LOL...

you should of seen my face as I felt her little body expand in my tummy... matter of fact you should of saw my tummy and the new stretch marks that have taken residence.

Monday, August 10, 2009


DH: "What cha doing"
Me: "Packing my overnight bag for the hospital, which outfit do you want Jayd to wear home"
DH: "The pink one that says I love daddy"
Me: "Cool Beans, it's packed"
DH: (confused look... then turns to panic look... then a calm smile)
Me: "What ya doing babe?"
DH: (with shorts and underclothes in hand, he packs it in my bag)
DH: "Cause I'm sleeping over, I wonder what kind of food they'll serve, don't forget my toothbrush and hair gel"

When a daddy can't bare to think the mommy will spend more time with the baby then him, I call that...


Friday, August 7, 2009

Bleeding Heart

I am so upset, tears are filling my eyes... all I can think is, how could a mother do this?

As you may know, my husband's little cousin is 15 and pregnant. She was exposed to some serious incidents during an impressional age. I.E. her 20 something brother was allowed to have his girlfriend live with them, were they partook in drugs, underage alcohol and lots of sex and two pregnancies which noone thought anything of.... Her mother drinks all night and weekend, allows different men to come in and out the house. Basically, there were no morals.

The father of this childs parents want her to get an abortion, now I will set aside my pro-life views on abortion, but honestly you can't abort a 6 month old fetus, that's murder....I've mentioned adoption, to which these people think is in their verbage "stupid"..... UGHHHHSSS I almost kicked their a$$ on that..... Adoption is so beautiful.... so beautiful.... okay, I'll move along.... The father's family want nothing to do with the girl or the baby, and the father is not even speaking to the girl anymore.

So the solution? In order not to, in their words "embrass her more" they are sending her to her sisters 1000 miles away, because yea, that's how they do it, rather save face then step up to the plate.

I am so upset, so hurt, I told my husband, damn it, I want her to stay with us, I want to help her,
Why does my heart bleed? Because you can call me old school, I believe in parents raising their children, I believe in mothers LOVING their daughters. Instead of this lady changing her ways she's decided to ship her daughter off, her daughter needs a mother, not to be shipped off to her sisters.

Typically we visit them on the weekends, but I am so upset with the mother, I have nothing to say, I will be at home, for a very long time, Oddly enough I feel like they let me down and I need healing (Ahhh I'm always a victim) however I will always be their for the young lady, NO MATTER WHAT!

I just pray and hope that I give Jayda a better chance, that I do what's right for my daughter and I help her become a respectable woman. I just hope I am a real mother.

A Daddy's Girl Already

Jayda (yes that's her name) must know daddy comess home today. Everytime I send him a text message,she kicks and moves so happily. I feel arms, I feel legs, she's so happy, which makes me even happier. She loves her daddy so much, it's obvious....

What a blessed family we are =)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh, Bright Stars

Today is a big day for me, not only does today mark that within 42 days my daughter will bless the world. I also took a big stand for myself, yes, I took a STAND for myself! I won't describe it in details, but I chose to not give up on myself and I am proceeded forward, nervously, cautiously yet totally okay with what may happen... I'll tell you all shortly.

But let me tell you, my husband is as giddy about my plans as I am!

Hey Babybell!

9.15: Born at 9lbs, 1oz, 21.25 inches (90% all the way around)
9.21: 9lbs 1oz, 21 inches (hey did you get
10.14: 10lbs 3oz, 21.25
11.18: 11lbs 3oz, 21.5 inches hey shorty (50%, 60% and 75%)
1.18: 13lbs 4oz, 24.5 inches hey you're tall! (50%, 75%, 75%)

Pregnancy Timeline

1.7 : Positive Pregnancy Test (2 days late for period, approx. 16/17 DPO)
1.14: Beta reveals 12,943 HCG count (at approximately 23 DPO)
1.21: Perfect Measurements, Sweet Heartbeat One Baby Lives Here (59,594.2 HCG, 13.4 progesterone)
2.6: 8w4d perfect measurements again.... 180BPM.... sweet!! got a shytload of blood taken....
2.20: 10w4d, Colposcopy and Biopsy....saw baby through tummy scan. Mommy's big baby and a H/B of 173!!
2.27: Colopscopy is PERFECT!! my cervix is a go!! 199 days to go!
3.4: Baby beating so hard!! 12w2d end of first trimester O/B appointment!!
3.30: 16 weeks appointment, hearbeat of 157!
4.21: hb 151....everything is okay with the little LADY!!
4.27: BabyBell is measuring a whole week ahead, yep, our little lady is a big girl... heartbeat 151-158 =)
5.26: Glucose Testing & 24W1d appointment heartbeat of 153 and totally movin around for the doctor =) I <3 Babybell
6.23: 28w1d appointment, Babybell heartbeat in the 150-160 range, measurements at 29....
7.7: 30w1d appointment, Jayd'z sucha active little girl!! great measurements, great heartbeat, was told to start the initial process of finding a baby doctor and asked about childbirth classes
7.23: 32w3d appointment, heartrate in the 160's, measuring at 32 weeks (on target) but feel defeated because I'm so
8.6: 34w3d appointment, measuring at 35 weeks heartbeat is regulated in the 130's, StrepB testing and cervix check (nothing going on down here yet)!
8.17: 36w appointment, heartbeat in the 140's,StrepB negative, bloodwork completed this day(1cm dialated, 50% effaced)
8.24: growth scan and 37w appointment, 6pounds 14 ounces =), (1cm dialated, 70& effaced), high blood pressure, 120/90 apparently Jayda likes living in and was playin all during the exam h/b 154
8.31: HB perfecto! 1cm/80% (argh) passed on bloodwork and Strep Test
9.8: 2.5 cm/80%... HB is ughhh ok? 120/82..(uh-oh) ummm doctor mentions that next appointment, we'll talk induction, I see a C-section in the future....
9.14: DUE DATE!! 190 lbs, Oh my!!! Blood pressure is 140/90 sent to hospital and was inducted I was having contractions!! (who knew)
9.15: Hey I'm a Mom =)

Pregnancy Gains!!

Prepregnancy Weight: 154
Doctor's Approvided Gain: 25-35lbs (179-189 lbs)

6w2d: 154 lbs
8w2d: 149 lbs
10w2d: 144 lbs
12w: 144 lbs
16w: 144 lbs
17w4d: 143.2 lbs (before any meals)
20w: 149 lbs
24w: 159 lbs (No more junk food for
26w6d: 165 (uh-oh..... okay seriously this time no more junk
28w1d: 165 (SUCCESS IS MINE!! lol)
30w1d: 171 (Blame it on the rice and
32w3d: 175 (but I look like I gained 30
34w3d: 179 (much less then I expected, that's for
37w: 185 (hmmm....????)
38w: 184 (down!)
39w: 185 (up!)
40w: 190 (wtf)

Morning Sickness
6w3d - 7w6d: Moderate
8w - 14w5d: Severe
14w6d - 17w: Moderate
17w1d - present: Mild