Wednesday, December 30, 2009

You Don't Understand!

My little cousin, baby was born today, she's fifteen, this pregnancy was due in part by bad child rendering on her mother's part, as children are sponges and they imitate bad behavior, and part of her wanting to obtain "love" from a little person.... There was ALOT of things she viewed as a young teen, that she shouldn't have been able to, once again, children imitate bad behavior especially when it's plenty to go around.

When the pregnancy was discovered, her parents wanted abortion, the boy's parents said it wasn't his and he has all but disappeared from the face of the earth, I advocated adoption (and still do), and then we found out that she was 19 weeks pregnant, and the parents kinda.. MADE her keep the baby...and shipped her down to a more responsible adult, "more responsible" in their opinion. We were runners up an recieving the teen, but due to the following facts:

1. we lived in the same state as them and the secret would be found out
2. We are church goers, and getting up early on the weekend isn't their cup of tea
we were passed over.... Oh yea, I'm not making this up...

It's difficult to help a new mother understand what is the right thing to do with their child (hey, I know that for a fact), so imagine trying to help a know it all fifteen year old. It got so bad, that "Kelsey" screamed, "Babies are too much work", to my reply of, "Well, this is just day one, Kelsey, what did you expect", Aunt Angie, you don't understand!! Kelsey said, to my reply of "I'm a new mother, I understand, and hopefully soon you will too".

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Small Fry...

This morning as I was taking my brother to school, I witnessed a group of kids picking on a smaller child, my heart, broke. I immediately jumped in and stopped the argument, I chasitized the children for doing this to someone, and I asked the young boy if he was okay. His face, okay, it broke my heart. I can not stand, at all, for anyone to be injuried or hurt, when I think of teaching, I think of his helpless face. Children, they can be so cruel, so friggin cruel, education shouldn’t be that way, it should be helpful, not harmful. How can I help those that need me….

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thinking Of Others....

I deleted my post from yesterday, I was very upset that an "anon" reader of my blog would classify me as not being infertile enough. Only god can judge me and so I then realized, perhaps this person is where I was a year ago, bitter, angry and confused, perhaps their only way to cover the pain is to post nasty comments to others they feel are not worthy. and for that, I pity 'anon' and I hope that peace reaches their heart soon.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Please Keep Bonnie and her family In Your Thoughts...

I'm really sad right now.... I'm thinking of Bonnie and her family and my heart is very heavy.

Bonnie is a elegant blog writer, I her blog encouraged me to write my own.

Bonnie, just like us, went through years of infertility, failed IUI's and IVF's..... Her family open their hearts to adoption and the little boy was born on 12/1/2009, however, yesterday afternoon, they recieved bad news....

Please keep her in your thoughts...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Statistically Screwed

I had a new blog, but the passion just wasn’t there. I found myself writing once and a while, which is odd for me, the advent writer I am. I realized that even though this blog started off as showcasing my battle with infertility and pregnancy afterwards, that it was still a big part of me. Infertility, that is. I can not and should not mask it just because I was given a 4% chance to have a baby and achieved it. I have spent countless hours contemplating what my greatest contribution would be medicine or business, ahh, I am so good with both. So I am back, I am back with a lot on my mind, so take a seat, you may be here for a long while =)

Hey Babybell!

9.15: Born at 9lbs, 1oz, 21.25 inches (90% all the way around)
9.21: 9lbs 1oz, 21 inches (hey did you get
10.14: 10lbs 3oz, 21.25
11.18: 11lbs 3oz, 21.5 inches hey shorty (50%, 60% and 75%)
1.18: 13lbs 4oz, 24.5 inches hey you're tall! (50%, 75%, 75%)

Pregnancy Timeline

1.7 : Positive Pregnancy Test (2 days late for period, approx. 16/17 DPO)
1.14: Beta reveals 12,943 HCG count (at approximately 23 DPO)
1.21: Perfect Measurements, Sweet Heartbeat One Baby Lives Here (59,594.2 HCG, 13.4 progesterone)
2.6: 8w4d perfect measurements again.... 180BPM.... sweet!! got a shytload of blood taken....
2.20: 10w4d, Colposcopy and Biopsy....saw baby through tummy scan. Mommy's big baby and a H/B of 173!!
2.27: Colopscopy is PERFECT!! my cervix is a go!! 199 days to go!
3.4: Baby beating so hard!! 12w2d end of first trimester O/B appointment!!
3.30: 16 weeks appointment, hearbeat of 157!
4.21: hb 151....everything is okay with the little LADY!!
4.27: BabyBell is measuring a whole week ahead, yep, our little lady is a big girl... heartbeat 151-158 =)
5.26: Glucose Testing & 24W1d appointment heartbeat of 153 and totally movin around for the doctor =) I <3 Babybell
6.23: 28w1d appointment, Babybell heartbeat in the 150-160 range, measurements at 29....
7.7: 30w1d appointment, Jayd'z sucha active little girl!! great measurements, great heartbeat, was told to start the initial process of finding a baby doctor and asked about childbirth classes
7.23: 32w3d appointment, heartrate in the 160's, measuring at 32 weeks (on target) but feel defeated because I'm so
8.6: 34w3d appointment, measuring at 35 weeks heartbeat is regulated in the 130's, StrepB testing and cervix check (nothing going on down here yet)!
8.17: 36w appointment, heartbeat in the 140's,StrepB negative, bloodwork completed this day(1cm dialated, 50% effaced)
8.24: growth scan and 37w appointment, 6pounds 14 ounces =), (1cm dialated, 70& effaced), high blood pressure, 120/90 apparently Jayda likes living in and was playin all during the exam h/b 154
8.31: HB perfecto! 1cm/80% (argh) passed on bloodwork and Strep Test
9.8: 2.5 cm/80%... HB is ughhh ok? 120/82..(uh-oh) ummm doctor mentions that next appointment, we'll talk induction, I see a C-section in the future....
9.14: DUE DATE!! 190 lbs, Oh my!!! Blood pressure is 140/90 sent to hospital and was inducted I was having contractions!! (who knew)
9.15: Hey I'm a Mom =)

Pregnancy Gains!!

Prepregnancy Weight: 154
Doctor's Approvided Gain: 25-35lbs (179-189 lbs)

6w2d: 154 lbs
8w2d: 149 lbs
10w2d: 144 lbs
12w: 144 lbs
16w: 144 lbs
17w4d: 143.2 lbs (before any meals)
20w: 149 lbs
24w: 159 lbs (No more junk food for
26w6d: 165 (uh-oh..... okay seriously this time no more junk
28w1d: 165 (SUCCESS IS MINE!! lol)
30w1d: 171 (Blame it on the rice and
32w3d: 175 (but I look like I gained 30
34w3d: 179 (much less then I expected, that's for
37w: 185 (hmmm....????)
38w: 184 (down!)
39w: 185 (up!)
40w: 190 (wtf)

Morning Sickness
6w3d - 7w6d: Moderate
8w - 14w5d: Severe
14w6d - 17w: Moderate
17w1d - present: Mild